Monday, 9 September 2013

Learning Hungarian - discovering the Hungarian vegan movement

I started learning Hungarian a couple of weeks ago... and having done a few basics.. I'm now studying all the food names.. and in doing so I am uncovering a very big vegan / vegetarian community of bloggers in Hungarian - many of these have some really inventive recipes ... as an explorer of veganism internationally I have to delve even deeper.

So I am building up a list of Hungarian vegan blogs for anyone to go and look at... If you are using Google Chrome as a browser it will ask you if you want to translate - for many recipes and posts, that's fairly good at getting an idea of what is going on... 

I'm off to Budapest this week... and will be cycling around Lake Balaton.. so hopefully I will be prepared for travelling and buying foods in the shops... write to me on twitter: @oliverslay if you have any good tips...  or other good vegan blogs I can look at... 

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