Monday, 23 November 2015

Vegan Meringue - Black Beans - 1

Tonight we're having a Malaysian curry dish which is calling for Black Beans...

So I drained the liquid from the tin of black beans and whisked it up... now I am just attempting to make the meringue and bake it... so I added an amount of sugar.. and some vanilla.. and some cream of tartar (as per the instructions for chickpeas).

Baked at about 100 degrees C for a couple of hours... here's what they looked like:

Didn't turn out too badly... except... they tasted nasty... damn.

Since I made these I have learned that it might be necessary to boil the liquid first, before you whisk it.  Some liquids contain lectins which aren't good for you.  So I had to throw them out.

Still it is encouraging that they held together...

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